When spring arrives we stock up here at Cardinals. Our annual houses are overflowing with potted flowers and vegetables. From heirlooms to hybrids, you’ll find your old time favorites and discover new varieties as well.
We take great pride in our full selection of perennials here at Cardinals. Whether your garden has such challenges as deer browsing, heavy shade, full sun, or poorly drained soils, we have the right perennial for the spot.
We work with many independent growers to provide not only the latest varieties but also the tried and true varieties that stay popular and perform well from year to year.
Our Annuals:
Our Perennials:
• Pansies
• Bedding plants
• Flowers and vegetables
• Hanging baskets
• Potted annuals
• Mixed planters & arrangements
• Tropical plants for summer color
• Strawberry and Rhubarb
• Varieties of Berries and Grapes
• Spring bulbs
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