Plants can be one of the most rewarding investments you'll make in your home. With the proper selection and care plants will continue to grow, flourish and compliment your home. Plants become the exterior design that changes with every season. While it is important to research through books and online resources, plants are the single most important reason to visit a garden center when it comes time to decide what you are going to put in the ground.
At Cardinal's we don't just sell plants. We help you decide on your landscape whether it’s a small garden area, a front foundation planting, or your entire yard. We help you decide which plants will best suit your space, your sunlight, your environmental conditions and your taste. When you select your plants and are ready to put them in the ground, we help you with the proper instructions to install and maintain your plants for a long healthy life.

• Trees, shade & ornamental
• Evergreen plants
• Flowering evergreen plants
• Deciduous plants
• Berry bushes
• Fruiting trees
• Fruiting vines
• Perennials
• Ground covers
Our regular selection of plant material includes:

We are here to help you with your plant selection
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